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What are the benefits of vehicle detailing?

Of course anyone who has a passion for vehicles and wants to keep their car in perfect condition should consider detailing.

  • Remove debris, dirt and grime from your paintwork

  • Increase your vehicles value

  • Protect your vehicles paintwork

  • Preserve vehicle interior

  • Attention to detail

One of the main reasons for car detailing being so costly, is down to the fact that the process is carried out over a number of days rather than hours. This means every single angle, nook and cranny is seen to and there will be no part of your car left untouched.

So whether your selling your vehicle, displaying it, or keeping it on your drive, car care should be your priority, and detailing will do exactly that.


Ultimate Detail - What's included?


  • Apply non-acidic wheel cleaner to wheels,  clean using a non-scratch brush then pressure wash.
  • Apply pre wash to wheel arches and door shuts.
  • Apply pre wash to the exterior of the vehicle & allowed to dwell before rinsing.
  • Apply PH Neutral snow foam to the exterior of the vehicle & allowed to dwell before rinsing.
  • Wash the exterior of the vehicle with PH Neutral shampoo and a non-scratch wash mitt, using the two-bucket method.
  • Pressure rinse the exterior of the vehicle then dry using a non-scratch drying towel.
  • Clay bar treatment to remove various contaminations.
  • Iron filings and overspray removed from paintwork & windows
  • Engine bay detailed
  • Clean door shuts & fuel filler cap with a non-scratch towel.
  • Apply a tar and glue remover to contamination on the exterior of the vehicle.
  • Remove front and rear seats
  • Remove rubbish from the interior of the vehicle.
  • Hoover the interior of the vehicle including seats, mats, carpets, boot & parcel shelf.
  • Remove any mud stains from plastics/seats.
  • Remove dust & contaminants from the dash board.
  • Clean glass to a streak free finish.
  • Apply trim dressing to all interior.
  • Machine clean seats, mats, and carpets.
  • Refit seats
  • Apply Tyre shine
  • Apply a high-quality soft wax to exterior of the vehicle to apply a barrier from dirt & contamination, allowed to cure then remove with a non-scratch microfiber buffing cloth.
  • Wheels sealed & waxed.


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