Paint correction

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  • Prewash with snow foam.
  • Wash Wheel arches, Door and Boot shuts
  • Clean Wheels with safe products to remove brake dust and dirt.
  • Rinse off with a pressure washer.
  • Hand wash bodywork using a shampoo, lamb’s wool mitt and the two bucket wash method.
  • Rinse off with a pressure washer.
  • Remove all bug, tar, iron fillings and grease deposits from bodywork using the appropriate cleaners.
  • Remove exterior paint contaminates using a clay bar.
  • Hand wash using the two bucket wash method and rinse off with a pressure washer.
  • Dry off bodywork by hand using microfiber drying towel.
  • Door and boot rubbers treated.
  • Single stage machine polish to remove light swirls, scratches, and holograms.
  • Paint Cleanse and Pre Wax preparation.
  • Hand Application of Paint Sealant.
  • Alloy wheels treated with a year wax coating to discourage build-up of brake dust.
  • Hand Application of a year Wax coating.
  • Clean and dress all exterior plastics and trims.
  • Exterior and interior glass polished.
  • Exterior glass treated with a rain repellent to improve visibility and safety.
  • Exterior metal work polished, including stainless steel exhaust.
  • Dress tyres and mud flaps.
    Remove and discard all interior rubbish, empty ashtrays where applicable.
  • Vacuum all carpets including luggage area and removable mats.
  • Clean dashboard.
Paint correction Paint correction