Far 2 Kleen is a UK leading one-stop automotive center for any and all your vehicles enhancement, protection and maintenance needs.

Vehicle wrapping

At Far 2 Kleen we offer vehicle colour change wraps, from partial to full vehicle with additional extras such as just wrapping roofs, mirrors, spoilers splitters or other little add on to vehicles.

Prices from £999 for partial/ full wraps
Prices from £40 for extras
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Paint protection film

Paint protection film or PPF is a clear vinly applied over the vehicles paintwork to protect against stone chips and scratches while still showing of the vehicles original paintwork. With PPF you can cover any area of the vehicle you wish from a bumper/bonnet to the whole of the vehicle.

Prices from £1200 for front ends
Prices from £100 for extras


Window tinting

Window tinting is a great way to enhance the look of your vehicle while protecting your vaubles inside, deterring sunlight coming in and reducing temperatures.

3 windows £190
5 windows £220
7 windows £250


Headlight tinting

Headlight & rear light tinting is a nice appearance looking modification to you vehicle to give it a darker look while still retaining the function ability of the lighting itself.

Headlight/rear light tinting from £40 per light