Accident repair

Far 2 Kleen is a UK leading one-stop automotive center for any and all your vehicles enhancement, protection and maintenance needs.

If you've had an accident which wasn't your fault, then one call to Far 2 Kleen can take care of everything.

Right from collecting your car, delivering a hire car whilst yours is repaired, and arranging all the necessary expertise to assist you in getting back on the road, Far 2 Kleen will take care of it all.

If an accident is not your fault, you don't have to use your own insurance company. We provide a suitable hire vehicle, delivered when and where you want it. Importantly you can choose your own repairer, or we can provide one of our approved and qualified workshops. In the most extreme cases, if your vehicle is deemed a “write off”, you will receive a cheque for the vehicles “Pre Accident Value”

Provision of a Replacement Vehicle

You are legally entitled to a replacement vehicle if your own is involved in an accident caused by another party.

Although many insurance companies and repairers offer “replacement vehicles”, these are invariably small, “no frills” vehicles at the lower end of the price range.

We, however, commit to supplying you with a vehicle of a similar size and standard to your own, which in the majority of cases will be less than twelve months old.

All vehicles are delivered either to your door or to an alternative place of your convenience.

The fleet currently has an enormous variety of vehicles at its disposal, including all classes and sizes of Mercedes.

Vehicle Recovery and Repair

The recovery, storage and repair of your damaged vehicle are integral parts of our service. Our staff will liaise directly with you, the customer, to ensure these arrangements are made to your convenience.

Repairs will take place locally to you at one of our approved repair centre, and your vehicle will be returned to you only on your complete satisfaction with the work carried out.

Prestige and Commercial Vehicles

As already indicated, we are not limited in the range of replacement vehicles we can offer. Clients whose vehicles may be classed as “prestige” can therefore expect to receive a similarly prestigious vehicle whilst their own is repaired. Equally, clients who require a commercial vehicle will also be given a suitable replacement, with short, medium or long wheelbase types all available.

Accident Management Without the hassle and stress!

Direct Accident Management is a non-fault accident management service, providing a first class, hassle free way to getting back on track after your accident.


Working from behind the damage, a trained PDR technician using specially designed tools, quickly and effectively repairs a vehicle’s dings and dents, without affecting the vehicle’s original finish. Creases, bodylines, and hail damage can also be repaired this way. It’s far quicker and more economical than traditional body shop repairs and vehicles don't need to be repainted. Paintless dent removal is a superior alternitive to painting. It maintains the intergrity of your finish and is far more cost effective. Certified technicians will remove your door dings, creases, and large dents to the vehicle's original condition, all without the need to re-paint your vehicle, thus maintaining the integrity of your original finish. No sanding, body fillers, or repainting is necessary.

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