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Following hours of extensive testing, research and development on the dyno, we are happy to unleash the VUDU performance Remapping software to the market

In the tuning scene there are commonly 3 levels of remapping, known as Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3.
Stage 1 remap

Stage 1 remapping couldn’t be more simply put than a remap designed to work with fully stock components to take the ECU parameters to a safe and comfortable level whilst retaining the vehicles stock exhaust system, intake, airbox, intercooler, and catalytic converter. Stage 1 is a true optimisation of the stock vehicles parameters within the ECU to unlock the potential power that the manufacture has left on the table. As well as a power increase from your remap, it is also possible to find some fuel economy when returning to a natural driving pattern.

As a part of a stage 1 remap, all the standard catalytic converter calibrations are usually left in place and if done on diesel engines the dpf regen is also usually left in standard place. It is only possible to run a stage 2 remap if the car has the right hardware such as a dpf delete on diesel vehicles or sports cat down pipe and other supporting modifications on the petrol.

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Stage 2 remap

A stage 2 remap requires a certain level of hardware depending on the vehicle, however there are some basic requirements that we will touch on that could be required as an extra for stage 2 on certain car models.

A performance intercooler is something that would be required at this level of tuning due to the increased boost pressure caused by the ECU tune. This, in turn, will create more heat, meaning you will need to upgrade the intercooler to provide your vehicle with a far greater core construction, a larger surface area and potentially a bigger inlet and outlet from the intercooler.

An aftermarket exhaust system is another key component of a stage 2 remap and in most cases a full turbo back exhaust system is required. This will comprise of a decat or sports cat downpipe, depending on your intended use, coupled with an oversized cat back exhaust.

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Stage 3 remap

Stage 3 remaps follow on from Stage 2 tuning hardware coupled with a stage 3 upgraded hybrid turbocharger. In short, a hybrid turbo is an OEM part that is re-manufactured with bigger internals to produce greater flow and air capacity. This means that the car will move a greater volume of air and exhaust gas at the same given point of boost pressure as the OEM unit. This allows the addition of fuel and timing adjustments to push the engine to its safe limits.

Stage 3 can often be used on a stock engine without the requirement of a forged engine; however, it is sometimes limited based on what the engine can handle in its stock form. It is often advised that a forged engine should be used in conjunction with a stage 3 kit to push for the ultimate power result whilst maintaining reliability and longevity.

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NEW 4 wheel drive 2000+ BHP rolling road dyno put to use with every tune!

A dyno test (short for dynamometer) is a device that measures the force, torque or power in your vehicle. More specifically, a dyno run evaluates the measure of torque and rotational speed, giving a reading that indicates the amount of power in the engine.

Pops & Bangs (Software)


Decel / Overun (Software)


PPF gut




AdBlue delete (Software)


EGR delete (Supply and fit)


Swirl flap delete (Supply and fit)


EGR & Swirl flap delete (Supply and fit)


P code delete from ECU


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