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MINI Cooper F56 S Performance Air Filter - Ramair
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MINI Cooper S Replacement Air Filter by Ramair.

The Ramair Replacement Air Filter is designed to replace the OEM Air Filter in the MINI Cooper S. The Ramair Air Filter allows for increased airflow through the induction system allowing for the best performance from your MINI.

The OEM air filter found in stock MINI Cooper S models is made from paper and restricts the airflow into the engine. The Ramair replacement air filter is made using high quality, high-flow, synthetic nano-fiber filtration media. It is pleated to maximise the surface area, and in turn, it maximises the airflow.

Efficient airflow is required if you want to get the most from your engine. Proficient airflow allows the engine to combust more efficiently increasing the power output.

Key Features:

  • Straight replacement.
  • Increased airflow over the stock air filter.
  • Lifetime washable filter.

If you’re looking to reach maximum power from your MINI’s engine, we recommend upgrading your Intercooler alongside the Air Filter. These upgrades will give your engine the ability to reach its top power output.

If you want to enquire about the Ramair Replacement Air Filter or have any other questions get in touch with a member of the team