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VUDU Stage 2 Tuning Package V420R - BMW M135i / M235i / M2
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The VUDU V420R Stage 2 Tuning Package for the BMW M135i / M235i and M2

The AET Motorsport VUDU Stage 2 V420R package for the BMW N55 engine offers the opportunity for you to take your BMW to the next level! 

The team have overseen a large number of BMW 1 series make the jump up to stage 2 including our very own BMW M135i development vehicle! This V420R Stage 2 Tuning Package includes only the finest products available on the BMW tuning market.

Learn more about the products included in the V420R Tuning Package below:

Stage 2 Remap Software:

The  VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software has been specifically manufactured for the BMW N55 engine, offering you an excellent opportunity to take your BMW up a level you didn’t think was possible.

The Stage 2 software has become extremely popular with our BMW customers, capable of boosting the vehicle by 80whp dependent on the hardware on the vehicle.

Stage 2 VUDU Intercooler:

The technicians at AET Motorsport always felt they could make the necessary improvements to enhance the cooling system on our M135i development vehicle. This VUDU Intercooler not only saw the car’s power and torque figures increase but it also kept charge temperatures consistent when running the car up on our very own hub dyno.

Please get in contact with a member of the team at AET Motorsport to discuss the logo colour options available to you.

Cobra Sport Decat / Sports Cat:

Cobra Sports performance exhausts systems are more than capable of enhancing the sound, looks and quality of your vehicle to provide you with that ultimate driving experience.

The Decat won’t allow you to pass a UK MOT emission’s test or a police road side check. If you require a part that will pass these checks, please select the Sports Cat option from the drop down menu.

Forge Charge Pipes:

The Forge Motorsport Charge Pipes are another fine upgrade available for the BMW M135i model. When running the VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software, the Forge Charge Pipes are able withstand the great pressure that OEM pipes will not be able to handle.

Increasing the throttle response and decreasing the turbo lag makes the Forge Charge Pipes a MUST HAVE for any BMW Stage 2 package.

ITG Air Filter:

The replacement ITG Air Filter was designed to enhance the airflow that passes through the standard airbox on the BMW M135i. With the air filter installed, our development vehicle managed to pick up an additional 6ft/lb compared to the standard system.

Please Note: The V420R Stage 2 Tuning Package is specifically designed to run on Vpower or Tesco momentum fuel with the following hardware required. 

The Stage 2 V420R Kit includes The Following:

  • Uprated VUDU Intercooler
  • VUDU Branded ITG Panel Filter 
  • Uprated Forge Charge Pipes
  • Cobra Sport Decat OR Cobra Sport Sports Cat
  • VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software

The Stage 2 V420R Kit Figures:

  • Before 301WHP | 306LBFT
  • After  383WHP | 471LBFT

The Stage 2 V420R Kit Key Features:

  • Optional cold start delete
  • Optional recalibrated sports display
  • Drive modes unaffected
  • VUDU overrun addon available

Package includes ECU Remap + Before and after dyno testing.

The BMW M135i Stage 2 Tuning Package has been tried and tested on both the road and track, producing up to 180 extra ftlb and up to 80 whp over stock the figures when the above parts are installed whilst retaining the OEM drivability.

The below graph shows a V420r map vs a stock M135i:

BMW M135i Stage 2 Tuning Package Dyno Graph