Auto Finesse Protection

Auto Finesse Protection

Using Auto Finesse Citrus Power apply to road grime and stuck on contaminants

Pre Washing the exterior of the vehicle using Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam

Wheels cleaned with suitable, safe products to dissolve brake dust and road grime

Tyres & arches cleaned

Vehicle washed using two bucket method with Auto Finesse Lather shampoo

Tar spots removed with Auto Finesse Oblitarate

Iron filings and other fallout removed

Paintwork decontaminated using Auto Finesse clay bar treatment to remove bonded contaminants such as sap, industrial fall out etc

Dried using soft microfibre drying towels

Paintwork Machine Polished using Auto Finesse Revitalise system to ensure paint work is perfect

2x coat of Auto Finesse Tough Coat sealant applied

2x coat of Auto Finesse Carnauba wax applied (different waxes used for different paintworks)

Plastic trims conditioned with Auto Finesse Revive

Alloy wheels sealed using Auto Finesse Mint Rims

Glass cleaned using Auto Finesse Crystal

Glass sealed to aid water sheeting allowing for safer driving in wet conditions (exterior only)

Wheel arches dressed

Tyres dressed usingAuto Finesse Satin Tyre Gel

Exhaust tips and chrome parts polished using Auto Finesse Mercury

Clean and wax door shuts

Final Inspection to ensure the highest quality

TIME: 1.5 days