Carbon Collective Oracle

Carbon Collective Oracle 2-3 Year Coating

Applying a non-acidic wheel cleaner to the wheels and left to dwell, then clean the wheels using a non-scratch brush then pressure washed off.

Applying an all purpose cleaner to the door shuts and boot shut, left to dwell agitating with a non scratch paint brush, then pressure rinsed off.

Applying an all purpose cleaner to under the arches, left to dwell agitating with a paint brush, then rinsed thoroughly with a pressure wash.

Pre washing the exterior of the vehicle with Carbon Collective Satsuma snow foam and allowed to dwell before rinsing.

Wash the exterior of the vehicle with a non-scratch wash mitt, using Carbon Collective Lusso Shampoo the two bucket method.

Apply a tar and glue remover to contamination on the exterior of the vehicle.

Pressure rinse the exterior of the vehicle then dry using a non-scratch drying towel.

Clean door shuts and fuel filler cap with a non-scratch towel.

Hand polish the exterior of the vehicle allowing time for the polish to cure correctly.

Remove the polish after cured with a non-scratch microfibre buffing cloth.

Using Carbon Collective Pannel Prep Surface Cleanser prepare pannels and trims for coating

Apply Carbon Collective Oracle to exterior of the vehicle. Oracle creates a highly repellant coating on the surface which is extremely low maintenance, no more waxing or re-application is needed.

  • Ultra hydrophobic

  • Durable for 2-3 years

  • Water repellancy angle of 110º

  • Draining angle as low as 17º

  • High chemical resistance

  • Works on gloss & matt finishes.

  • Low solvents

Apply tyre shine to bring back the brand new look.

TIME: 1day