Carbon Collective Platinum Paint

Carbon Collective Platinum Paint Coating

Applying an all purpose cleaner to the door shuts and boot shut, left to dwell agitating with a non scratch paint brush, then pressure rinsed off.

Applying an all purpose cleaner to under the arches, left to dwell agitating with a paint brush, then rinsed thoroughly with a pressure wash.

Pre washing the exterior of the vehicle with Carbon Collective Satsuma snow foam and allowed to dwell before rinsing.

Wash the exterior of the vehicle with a non-scratch wash mitt, using Carbon Collective Lusso Shampoo the two bucket method.

Apply a tar and glue remover to contamination on the exterior of the vehicle.

Pressure rinse the exterior of the vehicle then dry using a non-scratch drying towel.

Clean door shuts and fuel filler cap with a non-scratch towel.

Hand polish the exterior of the vehicle allowing time for the polish to cure correctly.

Remove the polish after cured with a non-scratch microfibre buffing cloth.

Using Carbon Collective Pannel Prep Surface Cleanser prepare pannels and trims for coating

Apply Carbon Collective Platinum Paint to exterior of the vehicle. The future in paint protection, this dedicated paint coating forms a permanent bond directly to the paint’s surface becoming the active top layer. Protecting your paint from Fallout, bird droppings tar, chemicals, UV rays & even minor scratches for up to two years. Unlike ordinary waxes, this sealant has anti-static & self cleaning properties making this very low maintenance, no need to re-apply or partner with a wax or detailer, This is all you need.

  • Ultra hydrophobic

  • Durable for 2 years

  • Water repellancy

  • High chemical resistance

  • Works on gloss finishes.

Apply tyre shine to bring back the brand new look.

TIME: 1day