Headlight restoration

Your headlights becoming dimmer over the lifespan of your vehicle is standard wear and tear, but this lacking visibility does not have to result in a full headlight replacement. This dim, smoky discoloring is easily tackled making your lights brighter, more visible, and safer on the road as a result. We can make your headlights look like new again with an easy process and professionalism. Improve your visibility as it can start to make things unsafe when your lights are not as visible at night anymore.

Why Headlight Restoration Is Important

You may be wondering why, over time, your headlight lenses start to become cloudy or smoky looking. Overtime, this can happen because the headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic which is very strong but is also naturally porous. They are protected with a plastic film which protects it for a few years but then falls apart. The heat from the lightbulbs and other things causes the film to wear allowing the plastic to oxidize which gives it the cloudy look.

There are many reasons as to why getting Headlight Restoration is important. The biggest reason is because it is a giant safety hazard. Your light output is dramatically reduced because the lenses are not clear and start to block light from coming out. You could have the best LED lights but cloudy lenses will not allow the light to shine as powerful as it should. Not to mention, that it also brings down the overall attractiveness of your vehicle as well.

What Is Headlight Restoration?

Some people may see how bad their headlights are getting and think they need brand new ones. This is not the case. We can polish and store your headlight lenses to look like new again to save you money and time looking around for new headlights. From buying new lenses and lights, it can get pricey which is why we offer restoration. Our technicians are highly trained and know the proper way to polish and clean your headlight lenses without damaging them. Make your headlights look like new again with our headlight restoration offer.

Do not delay if your headlights seem to look cloudy or smoky. This is a safety hazard and should be taken care of promptly. Our headlight restoration services make your headlights look like new once again.

Prices start from £35 per headlight