Motorcycle Detailing

Full motorbike inspection to access what your bike needs.

apply a safe degreaser to swing arm and surrounding area, low pressure rinse of

apply high quality snowfoam and allow to dwell, ​

rinse with low pressure, ​

wash bike using lambs wool wash mitt and soft brushes to get into tight areas, ​

low pressure rinse off, ​

clay bar paint work and wheels of bike, ​

low pressure rinse ​

dry using compressed air to ensure no water or fluids are dwelling around electrical components, ​

hard wax paintwork ​

clean and polish wheels. ​

apply dressing to textured areas. ​

water repellent applied to windshield ​

apply chain lubricant. ​

we DO NOT apply tyre shine to tyre sidewall for your safety. ​

Price for this service is from £60

Extras. ​

Tar removal £30
Fallout removal £20
Stone chip repair from £50
Machine polishing £100
Paint protection £50
Headlight restoration £35
Metal polishing £30 per hour
Wheel refurbishing £70 per wheel